Energy Work Studio – Access Consciousness; 32Bars Adjustment, Part 2

7 February 2020

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There are many tools to support conscious evolution today.  Many of my clients feel overwhelmed by the choices and don’t know what might be best for them.  Throughout 2020 I will review and explain different types of energy work as well as host a series of presentations and demonstrations from Energy Interactions at the Energy Work Studio.

An Access Consciousness discussion with Jennilynne Coley of Access Your Genius is coming up at Energy Interactions very soon.  Readers of my blog about 32Bars asked me to provide more detail about my personal experience.

What is a 32Bars Adjustment?

My experience inspired me to gain a certification so that I will be offering 32Bars Adjustments at Energy Interactions beginning February 14, 2020.   

The 32Bars work is done on a massage table with your clothing on, blanket for cover, and shoes off.   The minute the work started I felt ripples of electrical energy from head to toe. Some of the time I was cold and some of the time I was hot.  

I had image after image of Inca Hieroglyphs, and I had this weird experience that felt like a bubble rising into my mouth and coming out of my lips.  I could hear it make a sound when it came out like a puff of air but on the inside of my mouth, it felt like a real ball. This bubble thing happened several times along with a feeling that someone was using a rolling pin on my hands.   Each time I felt the rolling pin, my mind was flooded with images afterward.

I experienced being escorted to my mother’s womb before birth in this life and lots of constriction in my throat after that.   (I have a lot of throat constriction throughout this life).  

On the final 32Bars adjustment above the eyebrows, (Joy and Sorrow) my chest ached and throbbed and felt very heavy while a very bright light descended into my 3rd eye from far away.  Throughout the work, there was lots of twitching and jumping on the left side of my body.

The Work Continues for Three Weeks

According to Jennilynne, the work continues for 3 weeks after the session.  Although she answered my questions and told me what she experienced during the work – in case it had meaning for me – she did not comment on my experience except to say it was interesting. She validated that the experience is unique for every person.

Over the 3 weeks that followed the 32Bars adjustment, these were my experiences:  I experienced a real flare-up of my pita (fire) dosha after the adjustment. I LOVED the vitality and energy and focus but it also comes with reduced human relating skills.  It faded to a more manageable level within a week following the session. I am still enjoying increased focus, intensity, and energy for accomplishing goals. My body had severe reactions to a lot of foods for about 2 weeks and this was quite unpleasant, and I have not been able to tolerate much caffeine or alcohol since.  It took me a minute to figure out if these things were due to the Bars Adjustment, but since most of it cleared up as soon as the 3 weeks were over, I’m guessing it was. I’ve also been quite aware that when working in my capacity as a spirit medium, I am traveling in time to reach people – not just finding them in another dimension; in other words, I have improved mental clarity.   


Please join me for an Access Consciousness discussion, demonstration and Q & A at Energy Interactions – Energy Work Studio on Sunday, March 15th from 2pm to 4pm.  This is limited to 10 people so reserve your space now!