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Many people are skeptical about the legitimacy of psychics. When considering this topic, the first question a lot of people ask is: Are psychics real? In this blog, we will discuss that question, as well as the ways in which you can determine the legitimacy of a psychic through logic and factual proof. 

are psychics real?

What Does the Term Psychic Mean?

The issue that most people have when it comes to determining whether or not psychics are real is simply getting hung up on the term psychic itself. In fact, especially in America, the word “physic” is often used incorrectly. The word psychic actually comes from the word “psyche,” which is derived from the Greek word psykhe, meaning “the soul, mind, spirit, or invisible animating entity which occupies the physical body.” 

Psychics equate this understanding of being a psychic to what is known as the “heart center.” True psychics can literally feel this heart center radiating out from a person’s chest, and it combines with their own to create a psychic connection. This is how psychics are able to interact with or “see” the past, present, and future.

What is the Heart Center?

According to Yogi Bhajan, a world-renowned enlightenment teacher: “Within the body there is a Center in which the sensation of this All-Pervasive Consciousness is felt. This is the Center where we point when we say ‘I.’ This Center is the Spiritual Heart, which is also called Hridaya. The Hridaya is not one of the 7 psychic centers (chakras); rather it is located in the 1/8th portion of the physical heart, which is to the right of the sternum. It is also known as the pacemaker or synod of the heart, as it provides the impulse that results in the beating of the heart.”

Thus, it can be seen that the heart center is not merely an ethereal concept, but it is actually a real and quantifiable part of the body. This is where psychics work, within the realm of the heart center. They seek to extend their heart center through dedication and practice such that they can reach into another person’s. By doing so, they can access what the person is experiencing in a number of ways, and this access opens the door to potentially seeing what lies in the future for an individual. Thus, in essence, you are telling the psychic about your future through your own heart center. They’re simply trained well enough and intuitive enough to pick up on it.  

How do Psychics Use the Heart Center to Connect With You?

Psychics possess a specific set of natural talent and training that gives them the ability to understand and interpret things in ways that others might not be able to do. Legitimate psychics usually have specific certifications in fields (such as reiki, dream interpretation, and even meditation) which have helped them to cultivate quantifiable skills. Psychics don’t simply “read your mind.” Rather, they offer specific services in speciality areas in which they have been highly trained. 

While some may remain skeptical, the truth is that in fact, many people have actually experienced psychic moments at one point or another. It’s simply part of being human, and it comes from your innate ability to tap into the human common sense and feel the energy of another person around you. 

However, just like refining any other skill, people need to be naturally talented and trained in order to do this job properly. To grab on to someone else’s heart center for more than a moment takes a lot of precise training. Psychics spend many years practicing how to access your heart center. They seek to extend their own heart center as much as possible in order to connect with you and perceive the thoughts and feelings that you are innately projecting.

What Training Should a Psychic Have Completed?

Because it is an extremely complex skill set, one must be both well-trained and experienced in order to be a true psychic. Classes and certifications are available, but many psychics also begin practicing from a very young age. Additionally, practicing mindfulness and meditation can help one cultivate the skills necessary to see the future. These practices create a sense of peace within the self and can help one shift from thinking about things using the ego in the brain to sensing them using the intuition and connectedness of the heart center.

In addition, there is actually a lot of psychology involved in true psychic ability. The issue that most people have is that their ego gets overwhelmed because it can only see logic. I.e., the ego can only see and understand the past–things that have already happened. However, when a psychic connects to your heart center, they are then connected to your spirit and thus have access to the future in your life. At that point, they must be able to use their reasoning and understanding of the internal and external factors in your life in order to fully understand what you are projecting through your heart center. Therefore, training in psychology can be very helpful when it comes to cultivating one’s psychic abilities. 

What Are Some Other Ways to Tell if Your Psychic is Legitimate?

There are many different ways to evaluate the legitimacy of your psychic. Ask yourself the following questions in order to determine if you are truly dealing with a psychic who can be trusted:

  1. Do They Value Your Privacy?

A legitimate psychic will practice similarly to a therapist in that they protect your privacy. When you begin seeing a psychic, make sure you ask about their privacy policy. If they are not concerned about keeping what they learned about you private, then they are probably not one to be trusted.

  1. Do They Have a Family History of Psychic Ability? 

Like many other talents, psychic ability had been linked to genetics. Find out the background of your psychic and focus on whether or not they have a history of psychic ability in their family. If they do, that definitely serves to elevate their credibility. 

  1. Are They Willing to Work With You? 

A psychic typically cannot read everything about you just by reaching out to your heart center. Rather, they need to be confident enough to tell you what they’re picking up on and work together with you to figure out what it means. For example, during a reading, a psychic may say something like: “The first thing I’m getting is the smell of cake.” This could mean a number of things about your past, present, or future, so it’s important to find a psychic who is comfortable telling you what they’re perceiving and then are willing to work through a discussion with you in order to understand the significance of their perception. 

So, are psychics real? The answer is: Absolutely they are. The key is simply finding a psychic who is honest, well-trained, has a proven history of results, and is upfront about their abilities. In order to find out more about psychics and schedule your initial reading, reach out to Denver Psychics at (720) 278 1415 or