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Tarot Reading – Answered!

Which Tarot Spread do you use? It’s different every time! I shuffle the cards and say the person’s name to myself until I feel the cards are ready. Then I receive a picture of the lay out. Sometimes these layouts are very elaborate and sometimes very simple. I used to...

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Do you talk to dead people?

I do. Although I don't guarantee it as the dead have free will and manage their own schedules. It occurs naturally as part of many sessions. Sometimes, I am actually communicating with a person who has died and sometimes I am relaying messages that have been left in...

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Happy Hour with a Psychic?

It's fun! People are often surprised that I'm "open" to a few friends coming over with a bottle of wine and having Psychic happy hour. Why not?  One group of 4 friends met with me once a month for a year to develop their own intuitive abilities and support each other...

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