Clear Your Energy

17 January 2019

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I’m going to run through several methods to clear your energy. They are all effective and most people find that one or the other works better for them personally.

Light Bulb

  1. Take several deep breaths.
  2. Engage your higher self. “Mighty I AM join me now, assist me for my highest good”
  3. Open your crown chakra at the top of your head. Do this by simply deciding you want to open it. Open to healing light and to your higher self.
  4. Imagine and allow your body to fill with light while remembering (in detail) a time that you felt rested and safe.
  5. See the light to spread beyond your body. A nice width is what is needed to reach the ends of your fingers should your arms be extended. Similar to how light extends beyond the glass of a light bulb and fills up a room; you are now the light bulb. The light that is within you heals you. It is connected to your higher self, is connected to God, and all that is toxic or darkness for you has moved away from you.
Is this your energy or my energy?

Cutting Connections

Worry much? If you worry, you are often sending a tube of light to someone and connecting to them. This happens automatically until we learn not to. Sometimes, if we are the one that others are worried about they attach to us and that can feel draining as well.

  1. Take several deep breaths
  2. Engage your higher self “Mighty I AM join me now. Assist me for my highest good.
  3. Using a cutting tool (feather, smoldering sage, or cedar branch) intentionally run the cutting tool along the outside of the body to interrupt the connections between you and others.
  4. You don’t need to know or understand who’s connection you are interrupting.
  5. All while clearing, intentionally say “I disconnect with love and release your energy to your higher self to be returned to you”.
  6. This is an especially good practice for those who are having a difficult time knowing thier own feelings and can feel everyone else more than themselves. It may help with getting better sleep.

The Zapper

I call this the zapper. It’s fast and easy and its good for people who have a lot of curiosity and are often “energy dipping” in order to gain intuitive insight and also pull energy to them in order to understand it. If this describes you – and you like this method – you may want to consider using it after you have been in meetings or in crowds – multiple times a day.

  1. Connect to higher self and take a breath.
  2. See a really really big flash of light going off from your skin in all directions
  3. All energy debri and energy connections that do not serve you and your highest good retract from your energy field very very quickly. Sometimes there is a crackling sound – which is why I call it the zapper. This is a psychic sound that only you will hear.