The dream winner this week would like to remain anonymous.

The details: A woman meets her sister in a dream and they have a conversation about how the two of them will take care of their aging mother.

The weird thing: When the woman talked to her sister the next day, her sister had a similar dream on the same night. Her sister recalled a very similar discussion taking place in a very similar location in her own dream.

Is it possible the two sisters actually met during sleep time?

Jungian analysts and experts call this a dream rendezvous. Some religions and teachers believe that one way to engage the dream body and solicit its help with understanding a person’s true nature is by giving it useful things to do so it won’t be such a drifter. One way of doing this is to work toward the ability to accomplish a rendezvous with someone who is emotionally close.

The ability to accomplish this meeting was more than likely increased by the sisters recent vacation to Italy. They had good discussions on the vacation and each of them remembers the dream location to be similar if not exactly the same as where they stayed in Italy.

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Until next time, sweet dreams!