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30 December 2019

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Because personal change is a topic many of us will be reflecting on in January, it seemed like the perfect month to introduce Family Constellations. This is a healing modality that has been very effective in resolving past trauma and removing obstacles to personal change. It’s a therapeutic process founded by Bert Hellinger. This healing work is reputed to heal, interrupt, or discontinue destructive family patterns that have been established in the subconscious. Sometimes the pattern has been carried for generations. If you have worked with a specific issue and it just never seems to get resolved, my research tells me that Family Constellations might get the result you are after.

Bert Hellinger spent 50 years developing, refining, and using Family Constellations. The success his clients achieved is well documented. You can learn more about Bert Hellinger by checking out his site and you can also search YouTube to see presentations delivered by Bert or about Family Constellations. 

Barbara Schmid, a Denver practitioner explained that “Hellinger discovered there are governing principles that must be respected in order for the love within a family to flow in a healthy way.” I don’t know about you but changing the flow of love within the family as part of a therapeutic process sure sounds like energy awareness applied to psychology.  I can’t wait to learn more. View her site here.

I will report on my January 8th Family Constellation session here. Barbara has also agreed to conduct a demonstration and answer our questions about Family Constellation work on Sunday, January 26th from 2pm to 4pm if we have too many people for the January 8th event.   

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