Energy Work Studio presents Family Constellations

21 February 2020

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There are many tools to support conscious evolution today.  Many of my clients feel over-whelmed by the choices and don’t know what might be best for them.  Throughout 2020 I will review and explain different types of energy work.  Additionally, Energy Interactions will host a series of presentations and demonstrations with opportunities to ask questions from experts and practitioners.

Family Constellations and Personal Healing

Because personal change is a topic many of us reflect on in January, it seemed like the perfect month to introduce Family Constellations.  Family Constellations is a therapeutic process founded by Bert Hellinger.  This healing work is reputed to heal, interrupt, or discontinue destructive family patterns that have been established in the subconscious.

Bert Hellinger spent 50 years developing, refining, and using Family Constellations.  The success his clients achieved is well documented.  You can learn more about Bert Hellinger by going here and you can also search YouTube to see presentations delivered by Bert or about Family Constellations.

The Demonstration and What We Learned

Barbara Schmid, a Denver practitioner joined me and 8 participants at the Energy Work Studio in January to demonstrate how Family Constellations worked.  I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t find more information on what to expect regarding the specific process.  It was my intention to provide detailed descriptions of everything that happened so you would have this information.  However, every participant said they had a better experience because they didn’t know what to expect!!!    So, I guess that lack of details at the experience level is more of an intentional thing!

I did ask participants to tell me how they would describe what happened during the demonstration session and here is what I received.

  1. That was fantastic!  As a participant and not the primary focal point of the healing I was surprised at how much I could feel and how connected I felt to the work taking place.
  2. I want to do that for myself.  If I can accomplish what you accomplished in 90 minutes that would be nothing short of miraculous.  I’ve been putting it off because I thought it would take years in therapy.
  3. Thank you for including me! That was like part shamanism, part energy work, part time travel, part psychology, I can’t believe how that energy field worked and how everyone on the inside of it could feel the family dynamics.

What Preparation was Required?

Very little really.  As the primary subject of the healing work, I had to decide what I wanted to focus on.  The Family Constellation practitioner, BB Schmid, conducted an intake discussion which took approx. 30 minutes.  Following the intake and the discussion about the focus for healing, the practitioner handled the facilitation from there.

Everyone who participated only knew they were coming to learn about a process for healing family issues.  They didn’t know anything more.  The only things participants had in common were an interest in energy work, being open minded, and being tolerant of new ideas

Healing Family Members Through Generations

It was obvious to me from the questions, comments, and BB’s presentation that many people are drawn to this work in order to heal their family at an energetic level.  This includes healing what is in the past and those who may not still be alive.   This has an impact on relationships in the present – and I’m still waiting to see how that shakes out for me and my family (stay tuned).  I have not mentioned to anyone in my family that I was doing the work so I’m waiting to see if anything changes that I could attribute to the healing we did during the demonstration.

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