It’s fun! People are often surprised that I’m “open” to a few friends coming over with a bottle of wine and having Psychic happy hour. Why not?  One group of 4 friends met with me once a month for a year to develop their own intuitive abilities and support each other in that. Over the course of the year they each did some deep work, discovered a lot about themselves and each other and became much more confident in their own intuitive psychic abilities.

It might sound superficial for some people who take their psychic sessions with me very seriously. What I’ve learned is that sometimes the people who want to have fun end up having a very serious experience and sometimes the people who come with the intention of being very serious learn how to laugh about something. This cannot be engineered or predicted.

The most important thing is the willingness to explore the unknown – and doing it in a way that feels safe. For some people there is safety in numbers so I’m happy to support that.

In 2017 I plan to have a monthly “happy hour” and each one will be 2 hours. That seems to be a good amount of time to explore a topic and give people plenty to talk about over dinner. If you have a topic you want me to cover just let me know.