I have had many sessions recently with people who are feeling a little uncertain about the future. As a channel and instrument of God I often learn from listening to what I am channeling for my clients. In the last week I have heard some useful messages I’d like to share with you.

The Chariot Card. We are all passengers in the Chariot. The horses are in service to God and although we can look out either side of the chariot our view to where the chariot is headed is obstructed. If we do not have faith in God, if we do not accept that reality is much bigger than we can understand, this is a frightening ride. This doesn’t mean we become passive and give everything up to God. It means we notice that our faith is being tested and our relationship to God is under a spot light.

Transformation and Alchemy. Turning lead or coal into gold was said to be the goal of the alchemists although it is believed to be a metaphor for the path to enlightenment. Destruction is a natural part of transformation. When water transforms to ice or steam there is no longer water. We see the presence of destructive forces in our every day life from lava flow to common lightening strikes. We must use our knowledge of destructive forces to remain safe during this time and we must use our vision of what we are creating to move us toward the future creation as we always do. When we are working out in the gym to loose 20 pounds we are destroying a part of ourselves but that is not what we are focused on.

We are well on our way into the realms of the 4th dimension where we can communicate with beings and reality that does not hold physical form at this plane. We are undergoing a transformation; the entire human race. None of us can know what the future will be like in this new reality and the human reaction to this transformation is all around us. This is a time to stay centered. Make connection with people. Spend at the very least an hour every day being out in the world with people and be mindful of the quality of that experience. Notice the kindness and compassion you encounter. Limit your interaction with news blasts and sound bites and instead turn to more thoughtful and thorough discussions of topics. Several lengthy articles a week by trusted sources and time in your community will give you a much better sense of YOUR reality.

It’s a time to get comfortable with AND. Terrible things and wonderful things exist in every one of us, in every day, in every country. This place we call earth is a place where we learn about using free will and choice and take our first steps toward becoming creators. Similar to the Hogwarts school, not everyone with a wand is able to use it proficiently and there can be accidents and casualties. Some of us have thousands of years of practice with choice and free will and some are having their first life experience with that. Do not be so focused on what everyone else is doing that you forget to focus on how you are doing as a creator. What are you creating? Happiness,fear, joyfulness, shared experiences, opportunities, love, hate? How are you using your choices and your free will to create?

Let me know what you are creating and what choices you are making.

Love and Light