Announcing Energy Work Studio – Celebrating the birth of a new decade!

20 December 2019

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Bon-voyage 2019 and hello beautiful 2020!  Energy Interactions is contributing to the wonderful things in store for you in 2020 and this is your invitation to learn and expand for the decade ahead.   

In 2020 Energy Interactions is launching the Energy Work Studio.  The Energy Work Studio will deliver education, workshops, and demonstrations about working with energy.  Whether you want to master energy interactions in your own life or explore this growing reality for a different purpose – the line up is designed to help you perceive more of your current reality.

Consciousness is evolving at a pace that’s challenging to keep up with and shutting down is not an option. Our future needs us to show up now. We all want to achieve wholeness in a way that allows each of us to love and heal ourselves and this means finding a way to learn from one another and to integrate our learning. Integration of ego and spirit. Integration of spirit and science. Integration of fear and courage. Integration of passion and caution. I am so excited about the birth of this decade and how we are all being transformed. For any of you who have gone white water rafting, you know that when you are headed into the rapids you paddle – and steer – you don’t just give up and wait to find out where you land. In my estimation, its time to grab a paddle.

There is no question that we can direct our energy with our consciousness.  For me, the question is not whether everyone’s energy responds but whether we can attain the level of consciousness we need to provide direction to our energy. Better than being directed by our reactions to everything going on around us. A summary of the scientific approaches and discoveries regarding the human bio-field helped me to understand this beyond a doubt. Click here to read the article written by Dr. Beverly Rubik and published by the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

Here are some of the ways to connect as this community grows:

Energy Interactions Facebook page will announce client specials each month, provide links to new blogs, and keep followers informed of guest appearances, changes, and upcoming events.  

Each of the Energy Work Studio events will be published on the Energy Interactions Website and tickets will be sold in advance. (Usually only $10 or $20 per event).  In January there will be a demonstration of Family Constellation work; a breakthrough process. The Energy Work Studio is an intimate space for about 10 people to experience and participate in a demonstration.   If there is a larger demand, we will schedule a second demonstration or create a virtual event.

Consciousness sprints will be announced throughout the year. These will focus on integrating new knowledge or skills into our lives.

I look forward to connecting in 2020.