Preparing For Your Session

12 September 2019

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1.        The address where you will be having your session is 3280 West 55th Avenue, Denver 80221

2.       Please plan to be on time.  There is no in-door waiting room to use while other clients are in session. 


3.      Spend a little time before your session to identify what your goal is.     Most people are comfortable being conversational and you can always ask for a Tarot card reading if you prefer to not reveal anything.   

4.       It’s recommended that you visit the website to learn more about the types of skills Ann has and what services she offers so you don’t have to use up part of your session to learn about that.  Ann is an excellent resource for gaining understanding, and learning how to move forward on your individual path.  There is no right or wrong topic for your session – its whatever you need.  

5.      No goal?  Just want to explore?  Exploration is a goal!  



·         Yes, of course you can bring a friend; its your session.

·         Yes, you can record the session.  Please learn how to use the recording app               before you arrive. 

·         Yes, there is a discount for payment in cash.

·         Yes, you can split a session with a friend.  The length of a session is one hour.