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Psychic Reading

Ann reads your energy field when you talk about a subject and also listens to your guides. Psychic readings with Ann are insightful and useful. This is a great choice for problem solving and discussing options to make a decision or to get un-stuck.

Tarot Card Reading

If you are one of those people who doesn’t want to tell the psychic anything about what is going on in your life and prefer information is provided to you – the Tarot card reading is the way to go. Clients can keep their cards close to their chest and not reveal much about themselves and still receive great insight and useful information.

Energy Clearing

Included as part of a face to face session, energy clearing can also be purchased for buildings, rooms, and personal energy. Ann has experience clearing historic sites, office buildings and multi-story residences. These clearings include the clearing of spirits, emotional debris, and energy slime. She has provided this service throughout Denver and the United States.

Energy Healing

Ann is a certified Reiki practitioner and she also adds her own method of energy healing to the process as well. Ann has several guides that assist her with the healing of the energy body.

Alchemical Hypno-Therapy

Hypno-therapy is a powerful method of facilitating conversation with the sub-conscious. Get to the heart of inner conflict and find a new approach that is aligned with you and your path. This is very effective for breaking patterns (keep dating the same person with a different name?)

Happy Hour with a Psychic

Get a group of friends together and schedule Ann to come to you! Share the cost and some wine and have a great evening with friends.

Dream Interpretations

GREAT DEAL. Submit all of the details of your dream to Ann may reach out to you with additional questions before completing the interpretation. You won’t be charged until Ann completes the interpretation as some dreams are easily interpreted in 30 minutes or less.

Business Consulting & Career Coaching

Ann has a degree in business, experience in business consulting, and is trained as a coach. Ann combines business consulting expertise and intuitive skills for your career or business for accelerated problem solving.